Leicester, England (2013)

Aaaah, Leicester. (nostalgic sigh)


I cannot believe it’s already been three years, although my Facebook really insists on reminding me everyday how wonderful my life was then. If you’ve never been to Leicester, have no fear, neither did I before I was selected to go there for my Erasmus exchange. And I would recommand it a million times to anyone wanting to study abroad for a while  ! The most famous thing about Leicester (if you don’t count the fact that they’ve won the English football championship last year) is that it’s where the English have dug out one of their kings from a parking lot. That’s England for you. Nobody quite liked Richard III apparently, so they didn’t really care that his body was missing for some centuries. Anyway, his body was discovered just before I arrived there, so it was THE thing they put forward in all of our student/international meetings.

I stayed there for about 4 months, and it gave me a strong and undying love for Britain. It’s soooo nice there. People are helpful, and the city is clean, and everybody calls you “love” or “luv” and it’s magical. I never thought I would enjoy the stay so much, and it is my unhidden masterplan to return to live there permanently. Brexit or not brexit, I will succeed !

The city is great, with a good balance between history and modernity. The uni, which is very well organised (my Belgian university was put to shame. To shame. ) and the campus is well thought. They do have some strange things, such as the Lit building (mine, of course) that they affectionnately refer to as “the cheese grater”. It was fine and all, but had some kind of a deathtrap of an elevator where you had to jump to your floor, which was not scary at all !


It does look slightly of a cheese grater, I have to agree

The Uni campus was great, I could have lived and die my entire life in the library and I would have been happy ! (A gift shop AND a café within the library ? Unbelievably amazing for my sad little library at home. Which has neither.)

The town itself is great, with a very decent city center, an amazing amount of shops and plenty to eat !

The clock tower, the market, the city center is full of things to see !

I spent quite a large portion of my time at the “New Walk”, which is a pedestrian street very nice, except when you have to walk back home in the dark and a drunk guy tries to harrass your Italian roomate. Fun. In. Every. Country. Regardless of that, look at how pretty it is

Look at how pretty it is.

Still one of my favourite pictures of all time. My beloved Olympus camera was at the top of its game then. (Now my amazing Canon100D has replaced it, but it will not be forgotten)

This Erasmus exchange was the best way to discover some unknown festivities, such as Diwali, the Indian festival of light (which I would have much more enjoyed if I was not dying from a nasty cold — My other Italian roomate bought me icecream so that I would stop moaning — it worked) and seeing a rugby match (still not sure about the rules though)


I will talk and talk and talk about my Erasmus exchange forever, as it is the spark that has ignited the need to travel and the desire to discover new things and new countries. Plus, Leicester is quite well located if you want to travel in England, so we def took advantage of that.

Don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment, I’m still new to this blogging thing so if you have any advice, I’ll appreciate it !


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