Scotland 2017


Hello all, long time no see !

Sorry about that, life got in the way (work actually), and I forgot about my ambition of becoming a successful travel blogger (or something slightly less pretentious, no one knows 😀 )

So, after working for a few months, I’ve decided to reconnect with my idea to work abroad, and while everything got settled, planned a week-long trip in Scotland with my mum.

While I’m going to explain in more details what we did, I thought I’d share the itinerary and the idea that it’s ACTUALLY possible to plan for a tour which does not involve renting a car. I’m not going to get into too much detail but my mum is not a fan of driving, and driving on the left side of the road did not appeal to any of us. So, public transport was our only plan for transportation and I’m going to say it was long but worth it.

We simply did not have the time to travel to the Highlands (I still mourn the fact that I have still not seen the Isle of Skye, but it is planned for the next trip !) so we remained in the “low lands” of Scotland.

Here’s the itinerary I’ve come up with, I’ll comment below :

Day 1 : Edinburgh

Day 2 : Edinburgh

Day 3 : Tour to the Hadrian’s wall, based in Edinburgh

Day 4 : Oban

Day 5 : Three Isles tour (Iona, Mull and Staffa), based in Oban

Day 6 : Balloch and the Trossachs National Park

Day 7 : Luss/Glasgow

Day 8 : Glasgow

Day 9 : Glasgow and flight homebound

One thing for sure, we did not have time to get bored. It was quite a lot of travel, but it was suitable for our vision of a holiday, which is to cram as much in as little time as possible. We did not feel rushed, but we could have used another day in Glasgow. The 2 day trips we did, one to the Hadrian’s Wall while we were in Edinburgh and the Three Isles tour we did while we were in Oban were definitely a must do if you plan on travelling without a car, as it will enable you to get to further destinations which might get difficult to reach without a car)

We mostly used train as a means of transportation, the Scotrail service is quite good, some trips were very long (Edinburgh to Oban took about 4 hours) but the trains are comfortable and on time (which, for Belgians, is quite unexpected :D), we sometimes used a bus, I would suggest to check with the various tourist information centers which option is the cheapest/quickest.

I will also say this : it is quite expensive to take the train in Scotland, so my advise is that if you can book in advance, DO IT ! I had the misfortune last summer to take the ticket on the day of the travel and it cost me so much ! You need to check the prices, and I’ve noticed that the prices are very high when the tickets are put in the market, then drop quite significantly, then the prices go up closer to the date of travel. So compare and check the prices at different dates so that you can see how much it would cost in average and then book when you feel it is the cheapest you can get. I’m sure there’s an entire algorithm that is used but I have definitely noticed that the prices varied very much depending on which day I was checking.

We flew with Ryanair (easy and cheap, I’m not payed to say so, but if it’s a short flight you’ll survive the lack of comfort I’m sure) and we stayed in a variety of accommodation, Airbnb, guesthouses and a hotel in Glasgow). As for accommodation, we were very happy with the choices that we’ve made : everything went without a glitch and we did not get lost a single time !

We travelled early May, and we did not have a single rain shower ! Not a single drop ! In Edinburgh the weather was a bit misty but it did not rain at all, and the rest of the trip was entirely sunshine ! You’ll see in the pictures but it felt sometimes we were in Greece or in Malta !

I will try and be as detailed as I can without being boring but we definitely enjoyed our trip, and I believe I will organise a similar trip for my parents in Ireland or Scotland for the both of them to enjoy.

I’m really happy I’m getting back to blogging, I’m still learning so if you have any comments or tips don’t hesitate to share !

Thank you very much !

PS : I’m not payed to promote anything on this blog, my opinions are my own and are not influenced by monetary interests, so if I link the hotels or restaurants, it is because it was well-deserved, in my opinion !



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