Miniature disasters, minor catastrophies and general merriment


Leicester, New Walk

Slightly overwhelmed and unemployed university graduate is looking for the meaning of life through her blog.

Hi! *waves to the unsuspecting visitor of this website*

I’m Flo. I’m from Belgium and I’m twenty-something. I’ve decided to start this blog because my friend told me I would be good at it and I’m very impressionable. Not really though. (She did tell me I should do it but I’m not very impressionable). I feel this would be a good way to get back to writing after five years spent reading. My 100-page thesis does not count as something I wrote. Although I did write it. I just didn’t particularly enjoy writing it, so I’ve decided it does not count.

I have many talents (overthinking being the main one) and many interests and I thought I would share them with the world ! How generous of me, I know ! This is going to primarily be a travel blog. However, as I have no money, I don’t get to travel much. This might be a blog about all the trip I want to take, who knows ? I’ve recently acquired a decent camera, and I’ve decided to take up photography, to fill in my sad sad days waiting for a call back from a company that might hire me. Finger crossed. So travel blog. Pictures by me with the decent camera to illustrate the wonderful articles I will surely write. Yup, that’s the plan.

As I said, while this is meant to be a travel blog, I will probably digress to other subjects. I’ve pretentiously called that section “lifestyle”, as I have any style living right now. (You have to understand that I’m writing this from my parents’ couch in my jammies — real lifestyle gourou, I’m telling you). You know those Instagram famous people that are unbelievably pretentious and seem to have their lives together ? I pity them. Nah, to be fully truthful, I envy them. I don’t really know if I can but I sometimes try to resemble them. I might try to do artisty pictures of my mug of tea (I drink tea by galleons, be prepared), who knows ? You have to keep in mind that I know this is ridiculous and that I do it ironically. Maybe. Maybe not. A girl’s gotta keep her mystery. I will also share some playlists I make, because I spend a lot of time making them perfect for me, so I figure I should share them. What a philantropist. I know.

I really like talking you see ? You thought this “about” section would be a small introduction to this blog. You fool. I talk. A lot. Which introduces the final section of this blog, the “general merriment” section. I will share my thoughts, sometimes well constructed, sometimes much more inspired by my sister’s continuous quest to find the world’s worst question. “Do you think pinguins have knees?”

(They do. We’ve checked.)

English is not my first language, this also (how great at multitasking this blog is ?)  is a continuous exercise for me to keep the level I have struggled to reach. Writing in English is also a good way to keep this blog and the things I tell about them from my parents. They believe that all the time I spend behind my computer is devoted to job hunting.

It is. I swear. I have applied to a gazillion job already. All in good time. We’ll see. I’m very fond of very long sentences followed by very short ones. You’ll see.

Don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m nice. I swear.

(I do realise it makes me sound desperate to have friends and such. I don’t care. I’m slightly desperate, I’ve accepted that)